Our rhythm section offers again a special variety in the small line-up, according to the different origins and musical experiences of the individual musicians like musical, ethno bands, dance, pop music & orchestra experience:

So you can hear U2-like guitar licks, Peruvian rhythms, the Brazilian berimbau and the penetrating sound of the darbuka as well as such wild combinations as a bossa nova played on Indian tablas.

Dalma Lima, Orchester der Kulturen

Dalma Lima Percussion

Christoph Weigold, Orchester der Kulturen

Chris Weigold    Bass

Alexander Ludwig, Orchester der Kulturen

Alex Ludwig Percussion

Can Batman, Orchester der Kulturen

Can Batman Percussion

Debora Vilchez, Orchester der Kulturen, Orchester Stuttgart, Cajon, Latin Percussion

Debora Vilchez Percussion

Uwe Metzler, Orchester der Kulturen

Uwe Metzler Guitars