Who would have thought :

Weltmusik is a German invention. The word was invented in 1905 by the music theorist Georg Capellen, who used it to express his vision of a future universal music. He himself was already intensively involved with East Asian music.

We have now brought all these instruments into our orchestra and each time we combine the different timbres in new combinations. So you can hear duets between alphorn and didgeridoo. East Asian instruments like the pipa mix with the European dulcimer or the Greek kanun. The duduk takes on the colors of the oboe and the English horn.

A true intercultural blaze of color.

Taylan Acar, Orchester der Kulturen

Taylan Acar    Duduk

Frank Heinkel, Orchester der Kulturen

Frank Heinkel Didgeridoo

Kioomars Musayyebi, Orchester der Kulturen

Kioomars Musayyebi - Santur

Lucy Zhao, Orchester der Kulturen, Pipa, Orchester Stuttgart, Chinesische Musik

            Lucy Zhao           Pipa

Chiao-Hua Chang, Orchester der Kulturen

Chiao-Hua Chang Erhu

Andreas Kerber, Orchester der Kulturen

Andreas Kerber Dulcimer&Alphorn

Can Demirel, Orchester der Kulturen

Can Demirel Baglama

Serkan Ates, Orchester der Kulturen

Serkan Ates Baglama & Vocals

Kandara Diebate, Orchester der Kulturen

Kandara Diebate Kora & Vocals